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sulfur or sulphur , nonmetallic chemical element; symbol S; at. no. 16; at. wt. 32.06; m.p. 112.8°C (rhombic), 119.0°C (monoclinic),

The Medical Racket

This timeline relates to the rise of today’s Western/American medical establishment and its prevailing paradigm : Event

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A metate (or mealing stone) is a type or variety of quern, a ground stone tool used for processing grain and seeds. In traditional Mesoamerican culture, metates were

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"Supernatural: Hell House (#1.17)" (2006) Sam Winchester: Truce? Dean Winchester: Yeah, truce. Just for the next 100 miles. Sam Winchester: I have a confession to

Engineering drawing abbreviations and symbols -

Engineering drawing abbreviations and symbols are used to communicate and detail the characteristics of an engineering drawing. This list includes abbreviations

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